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Dear Friends,

You may have noticed my absence from this blog, the Polyglot Project interviews, and YouTube. This has not been due to a lack of interest, but to illness and injury. The injury was mine and although painful, not serious (see my YouTube video description here). The illness, on the other hand, affected a very close relative and is very serious indeed–pancreatic cancer.

Now, as you can imagine, the news of this illness completely blindsided me, and I was quite incapable of focusing my mind for quite some time afterward. My young cousin–the relative who received such a terrible diagnosis–and I are extremely close, and I refused to believe that he had been dealt such a cruel hand. But after watching him endure weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, reality has finally set in.

My cousin is a fighter, and embraces every day without self-pity and with great courage. What excuse did I have then, to be immobilized in a mental fetal position I had created for myself?

So, I’m back. I hope to have more regular posts to this blog, more videos on YouTube and resurrect the Polyglot Project Podcast.

Life goes on–my cousin taught me that.


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